Dock Square Garage
Downtown/Financial District
Actively Engaged

42.3609838, -71.0548721

Built in 1979, the Dock Square Garage is not a building anyone would consider historic nor architecturally distinctive, however it is located near some of the most significant historic resources in the city: Quincy Market, the Blackstone Block, the North End and within the viewshed of the Custom House Tower. Fortis Property Group of New York has proposed the construction of a ten-level, approximately 195-unit addition atop the garage and recladding of the brick façade on the existing garage. They propose a Planned Development Area to allow them to exceed height and FAR limits established in both the Greenway District Guidelines and the Market Protection Area. The Alliance feels it is out of scale and context for this extremely historically significant neighborhood. The Boston Civic Design Commission and many members of the community agree. 


Our Position 

The Alliance has expressed our concern, not with redevelopment and the opportunities of re-envisioning of this garage (a rather non-descript, innocuous non-entity within the neighborhood), but with the scale and insensitivity to the historic area where it is centered. We also are troubled with a growing trend of “glass hats” being placed on top of historic buildings. Finally we want to see successful ground floor/pedestrian engagement in any new use here, and the current proposal provides little. We sent a letter expressing our concerns to the BPDA in April 2018.  


Highlights from our activity log:



•    October 23, 2018

Alliance staff attends a design review meeting at the Boston Civic Design Commission. Updates to the proposal are presented including retail on the ground floor along the Greenway, a slight reduction in the height of the addition, and the introduction of glass all the way to the base of the garage. The proponent notes a new strategy to drive piles through the garage to support the addition so that the garage itself can be altered in the future if parking demands decrease. There are two suggestions for how to treat the garage exterior- leave it brick or cover it with a metal screen. Commissioners express the same concerns as they did at the previous meeting: the proposal is inconsistent with the Greenway Guidelines and too jarring for this incredibly historic context. The proponent agrees to consider a narrow tower on the garage and to bring new concepts to the next meeting. Those attending from the public express concerns about scale and views to the Custom House Tower. Alliance staff is concerned about a metal screen wrapping the garage and the visual impact within this historic setting. 


•    September 4, 2018

Alliance staff attends a design review meeting at the Boston Civic Design Commission. Updates to the proposal are presented. The Commission expresses deep concerns with the scale, height, and presence of the garage addition in this historically significant context. There is a discussion about the anticipated demand for parking in decades to come and whether some parking spaces should be sacrificed for other uses. The Alliance expresses serious concerns about the proposal, sharing those of the Commission and also noting that by placing this large residential project on top of the garage we lock the garage in place indefinitely, virtually eliminating the possibility of the garage's replacement one day when parking demands may be less. A Commissioner describes the project as "trying to put 10 pounds of potatoes into a 5 pound sack." The Commission asks the project team to rethink the scope of the project and return with a proposal that lowers the height of the addition, asking for a design within the existing guidelines. 


•    April 2018

Alliance files comment letter with the Boston Planning and Development Agency. Earlier in the month the Alliance attended the Boston Civic Design Commission and one BCDC subcommittee meeting where there was strong Commission opposition to the proposal’s height, scale, and massing, particularly in this historic area. We were also represented at a public meeting where there were numerous voices opposed as well as questions about how this proposal will interact and engage with a new hotel recently approved for an adjacent parcel in Haymarket. The existing garage is 70’ tall and the proposal is for 193’ to the top of the last occupied floor, 213’ to top of penthouse.

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