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EVENT: Heart bombing Highland Park Addition

Virtual Heart Bombing

Feb. 1-15 

Fort Hill Tower

Valentine’s Day is approaching and that means only one thing—it’s time to dust off those markers and share some love (Heart Bombs) for old buildings! What are heart bombs? They are valentines and love letters to historic places, local landmarks, and places both safe and threatened that are important to our communities. 

This year the Alliance and the Young Advisors will share our love for one of Boston’s treasured neighborhoods—Highland Park in Roxbury. The 170-acre neighborhood is a treasure trove of Boston history. 

The residents of Highland Park have been working for several years to make the neighborhood an Architectural Conservation District (ACD) to help protect its rich architectural heritage and guide appropriate and historically sensitive developments. While progress is being made, much work remains to designate Boston’s first new local historic district since 2009. 

How to participate:

We want to see your heart bombs for the places you love! While we are advocating to improve the ACD designation process to support local preservation efforts, we encourage heart bombs that focus on Highland Park’s many splendid buildings and parks. However, your heart bomb can also be for any Boston buildings, park, or monument you love!

Share your heart bomb love cards with the Young Advisors on instagram by tagging @PreservationHub and using #SaveMyBoston #IHeartSavingPlaces and #PreservationHub. 

Prizes will be awarded for the best heart bombs! If you are not on social media, no worries! You can submit you Boston valentine by email to admin@bostonpreservation.org. 

Happy crafting fellow archi-nerds!

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