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Victory! Budget Increased for Boston Landmarks Commission.

The Alliance works closely with the Boston Landmarks Commission (BLC), which resides within the Environment Department at the City, to further preservation efforts in Boston.

During the budget season this year, we advocated strongly (both behind the scenes and in public testimony). Despite city staff advocating for the Mayor’s proposed draft budget, we pushed for an increase to the BLC’s budget, asking for at least two new staff positions, funding to address the backlog of Pending Landmarks, and a plan to launch a citywide survey of historic resources.

For the first time in many years, significant resources were added to the City’s budget for BLC including two new positions (a planner to manage new local historic districts as well as a new community liaison to build relationships in the neighborhoods and begin preparing for a citywide survey) and funding to tackle the backlog. These new items align nearly perfectly with our request. This allocation will result in more places protected around the city that hold important histories, stories, and memories for all Bostonians. It will enhance the BLC’s ability to be more equitable in the resources they can protect.  The Alliance looks forward to continuing our partnership with BLC to further these initiatives and keep our supporters informed of changes and new opportunities. 

Boston Skyline from Fort Hill. Photo by Matthew Dickey



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