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Young Advisors Board

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About the Young Advisors

The Young Advisors is a board of developing professionals whose role is to expand and amplify the Alliance’s mission. Active at every level of the Alliance, they work as conservators, construction managers, preservation planners, estimators, attorneys, small business owners, educators, and architects.

Participate in one of their upcoming events to get to know them better. And be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Email youngadvisors@bostonpreservation.org


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Young Professional Membership



Join the Young Advisors Board:

Thank you for your interest in the Boston Preservation Alliance (BPA) Young Advisors (YA) Board. We appreciate that you are considering volunteering your valuable time, energy, and expertise to our group. The purpose of this application is for us to get to know you so that we can assess why you are interested in joining us, what you will bring to the
YAs, and what the YAs can offer you. We are currently looking to increase the diversity of our board by welcoming new members from varying personal and professional backgrounds. Please do not hesitate to tell us about your relevant experiences in
fields other than preservation!

Applicants interested in serving as a Young Advisor should first read and understand the expectations and rules of membership as outlined below.

BPA Young Advisor Expectations

●    Support the Mission Statement of the BPA.
●    Actively engage with the community to represent the organization.
●    Share his/her expertise and skills to the benefit of the organization.
●    Attend and volunteer in the BPA’s programs and activities.
●    Attend at least two-thirds (eight) of the monthly YA meetings unless excused by the President.
●    Remain educated of the activities of the BPA.
●    Declare conflicts of interest as they pertain to your position within the BPA and excuse yourself from discussions and votes when appropriate.
●    Serve on at least one BPA committee.
●    Actively participate in the planning of and attend YA programs and activities, including fundraising efforts.

Thank you to all our corporate members, including: