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The Northern Avenue Bridge was constructed in 1908 spanning the active Fort Point Channel, then a major industrial transportation route. As constructed, it was an operable steel three-span, triple-barreled, Pratt-type through-truss bridge with a rim-bearing center span that swung open to allow for water traffic. The bridge was designed to carry horse-drawn and motorized truck use through the outside barrels, freight locomotive passage through the central barrel, and pedestrians on sidewalks cantilevered beyond the outside barrels. At the time, the bridge was constructed as an integral part of the development of South Boston as a maritime and industrial center for Boston and the region and continues to serve as a reminder of that part of the city's evolution. Currently in a state of severe disrepair, the bridge is closed to all traffic and is threatened with total loss. The Walsh administration is considering options for its reuse or replacement.


Our Position
The Alliance has been advocating for the preservation of the Northern Avenue Bridge for decades. More recently, the Alliance has actively engaged in the City's efforts to evaluate the condition of the bridge, explore options for reuse, assess transportation needs, and encourage dialogue and a thoughtful, thorough process. We've been a strong proponent for community desires to preserve an iconic element of Fort Point, a supporter of walking and biking advocates' voices for the historic bridge, and a watchdog making sure the City follows various historic preservation regulations that establish a clear process that dictate how any changes to the bridge need to be reviewed. We will continue to emphasize the need for an open, public process that integrates the voices of the community.

We feel that the bridge is valuable in many ways: it embodies the changing technologies in bridge construction and functionality, illustrates the history of maritime Boston, and contributes character and sense of place to the waterfront. Unlike much of the new construction in the area, the bridge represents something uniquely Boston, and when a pedestrian is on the bridge it provides an engaging relationship with harbor, history, and the city unlike any place else in Boston. There are opportunities to creatively reuse the bridge, updating structural elements that are failing while restoring the truss system and creating a unique destination for visitors and a pleasant experience for commuters.  The bridge is a rare survivors of a once common form of infrastructure, with only about 120 swing bridges left in the nation, and this one of the largest and perhaps the only one surviving that was once powered by compressed air.


Highlights from our activity log:


  • May 2018
    A Mayoral Advisory Task Force is formed and notified that the engineering firm AECOM has been selected to design the project with support from Urban Idea Lab of Boston and BEaM from London, England. The design philosophy for the replacement bridge continues to focus on mobility, climate resiliency, honoring history, and creating a destination. City officials promise this will be an open process, with extensive public engagement which will begin soon.

    Alliance ED Greg Galer attends first meeting as a member of the Task Force. 


  • August 2016
    The City of Boston's Public Works Department issues a Request for Qualifications for architecture and engineering design services relative to the new Northern Avenue Bridge. The Alliance urges the City to refrain from describing the project as designing a "new" bridge since the process has not been completed to determine if the bridge will be restored or replaced. Also, the RFQ fails to note experience in historic structures which should be a priority for this project. The RFQ is followed by a Request for Proposals which addresses several of the Alliance concerns including requiring relevant historic bridge experience.


  • June 2016
    The Army Corps of Engineers sends a letter claiming adverse effect to this historic bridge and invites to Alliance to join the consultation process. 

    Boston City Council authorizes $15M from the City's Capital Grant Fund to support engineering and design services related to the bridge. This funding likely needs to be held in reserve in case the bridge deteriorates to the point where it impedes water navigation and emergency removal is required.


  • May 25, 2016
    Alliance ED Greg Galer serves on a jury for an Ideas Competition launched by Mayor Walsh to collect ideas for the Northern Avenue Bridge. There were over 100 submissions and eight were selected as winners, most of which were largely concepts that preserved key elements of the historic bridge.


  • February 18, 2016
    Alliance sends an AllianceAlert asking for supporters to submit comments to the Army Corps of Engineers in support of saving the bridge. About 175 comments are received and nearly all support a preservation solution.  


  • January 2016
    Alliance staff discusses possibility of emergency relocation of bridge with City Engineer due to dangerous conditions. Alliance communicates with Massachusetts Historic Commission and others. After a discussion with the Board of Directors, the Alliance sends a letter to the City's Chief of Streets. 


  • April 24, 2015
    The Alliance sends a letter to Mayor Walsh reinforcing the recommendation that was made after many meetings with stakeholders that the City pursue a strategy of rehabilitating the existing bridge. 


  • March 2015
    The Alliance hosts a meeting of engineers, advocates, and other related professionals to discuss viable options for reusing the bridge. Several additional meetings are held with various stakeholders to discuss priorities for the bridge and analyzing cost estimates.  


  • January 16, 2015
    Executive Director, Greg Galer, meets with Mayor Walsh, the City Engineer, the Chief of Civic Engagement, and the Interim Commissioner of Public Works to discuss a reconstruction plan with an eye toward preservation. 


  • December 2014
    The Northern Avenue Bridge is closed to all traffic, including pedestrian, due to safety concerns. An article in the Boston Globe notes that the City is working with the Alliance to balance preservation issues with the need for public safety. The Globe also publishes an Editorial by Alliance Executive Director. Alliance staff maintains close dialogue with stakeholders. 


  • November 18, 2014
    Alliance staff joins City of Boston staff for a tour of the bridge and assess current condition. 


  • 2013
    The Alliance joins other advocacy groups in efforts to reengage with the City regarding the Northern Avenue Bridge. Alliance staff attends meetings and participates in conversations with City officials, local advocates, and others to encourage dialogue. 

The bridge was closed to pedestrians in 2014.
Most elements below the bridge deck are corroded well beyond repair.
The bridge is a collection of marvelous mechansims over a century old
Photo from Boston Public Library archives.
The bridge was built in 1908, when horse and carriages were still in use. Photo from Boston Public Library archives.
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