The Young Advisors is a board of developing professionals whose role is to expand and amplify the Alliance’s mission. Active at every level of the Alliance, they work as conservators, construction managers, preservation planners, estimators, attorneys, small business owners, educators, and architects.


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Young Advisors Members

  • A square image of Ariana McSweeney
  • Michela Davola
  • A photograph of Erin Doherty in front of a white background. She is wearing a black abstract-patterned shirt.
  • A photograph of Julian Phillips smiling in front of a grey abstractly patterned background. He is wearing glasses, a grey jacket, and a white button-up shirt.
  • A photograph of Cathryn Haight smiling at the camera. She is wearing a strapless dark red velvet dress and dangle earrings.
  • A photograph of Miki Blair standing in front of a window with a city view. She is wearing a maroon shirt.
  • Gabrielle Chapman wears a black shirt and smiles at the camera.
  • A photograph of Kate Ford in front of a grey background. She is wearing a dark blue shirt and a small necklace.
  • A photograph of Devon King smiling in front of a white background. He is wearing a light blue dress shirt.
  • An image of Laura Lacombe smiling to the camera with her arms crossed, standing in a corner of a house.
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