The Boston Preservation Alliance is an independent, nonprofit organization that brings people and organizations together to influence the future of Boston’s historic buildings, landscapes, and communities. We envision Boston as a continually vibrant, world-class city that respects, protects, and celebrates its historic resources. Through advocacy and education, we guide thoughtful change that simultaneously stewards the historic character that defines our city. 

Our work includes: 

  • Providing an independent voice for historic preservation and the quality of Boston’s built environment;
  • Setting the Preservation agenda by working with local, state, and federal advocacy and regulatory partners as well as legislators to enhance regulations and policy issues impacting Boston and beyond;
  • Giving up-to-date information about proposed changes to historic resources throughout the city and regional and national preservation-related news;
  • Reviewing and influencing development projects that impact historic neighborhoods, often providing public comment or meeting with regulators, proponents and concerned citizens;
  • Hosting and collaborating on public education activities such as workshops, lectures, and city walking tours;
  • Recognizing quality preservation and appropriate new construction in an annual awards program;
  • Litigating, when necessary, to prevent actions that threaten loss or irreversible damage to key historic resources and disregard rules and regulations established to protect them. 


Our staff promotes, preserves, and protects Boston’s historic, cultural, and architectural heritage to ensure Boston remains a vibrant place to live, work, and visit. Our team is dedicated to curating an authentic and inclusive historical narrative of Boston and is active in various social institutions to listen to community members, communicate with stakeholders, and inspire the next generation.

Young Advisors

Young Advisors are gathered and smailing to the camera holding banners, they are behind a window

The Young Advisors is a board of developing professionals whose role is to expand and amplify the Alliance’s mission. Active at every level of the Alliance, they work as conservators, construction managers, preservation planners, estimators, attorneys, small business owners, educators, and architects.


Board of Advisors

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The Board of Advisors is made up of former Alliance Directors and others with expert knowledge and experience to whom the Alliance staff and Board may turn for advice. They provide guidance and recommendations on a wide variety of issues confronting the Alliance, neighborhoods, and the city. Some members may serve on Alliance committees as well.

The Boston Preservation Alliance is a proud member of:

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Thank you to all our corporate members, including: