Dwayne Dorilus

Humphreys Street Studios, Uphams Corner

Humphreys Street Studios was founded by Joseph Wheelwright and the artisan Gneal Widett. Humphreys Street Studios was founded in 2002 on Humphreys Street in Dorchester. My favorite part about visiting the studio was seeing The Creative Studio Sportswear, a Boston-based customized apparel store, in the studio. Aaron Higginbottom and Ralph Sanon are the founders of TCS Sportswear. They wanted to make jerseys for schools because they didn’t have good ones when they were younger. They use a heat press to put designs on the clothes. I think their designs are cool because they have a logo sweatshirt with a teddy bear and stickers. Aaron and Ralph made a skateboard and a basketball hoop. They made a good design with the basketball hoop and the T-shirts.

The Humphreys Street Studios building used to be a business called Daloz Dry Cleaning owned by the Daloz family. The Daloz family delivered their clothes to their customers on a horse carriage. Humphreys Street Studios went up for sale in 2019 for 3.5 million dollars. Humphreys Street Studios went up for sale because the founders, Joseph Wheelwright and the artisan Gneal Widett, passed away. 

Humphreys Street Studios is important to our community because the artists make sculptures, furniture, tools, and clothing. They can create new things for people and schools in the local community. It’s also important to the community because it can inspire people to become artists themselves. The artists at Humphreys Street Studios can help people from the community with new things like sculptures, and they can help them become professional artists. The community needs Humphreys Street because the artists can inspire kids to grow up, do these things, and be just like them.

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