Jeremiah Montrond

Humphreys Street Studios, Uphams Corner

Humphreys Street Studio

Humphreys Street Studios has been a community in Dorchester for artists since 2002. Those artists are painters, illustrators, sculptors, designers, furniture makers, and more. Two of those artists are Aaron Higginbottom and Ralph Sanon. They make custom sportswear, and they call their business The Creative Studio. This community was founded by Joseph Wheelwright and Gneal Widett.

Before Humphreys Street Studios, the building was the Daloz Laundromat from 1904 to 1933. Then Humphreys Street Studios was founded in 2002 by Joseph Wheelwright and Gneal Widett. In 2016 Joseph Wheelwright passed away to cancer. Also, Gneal Widett passed away in 2019. So then in 2020 the building went up for sale for 3.5 million dollars.

Humphreys Street Studios brings different styles of art to the community. These styles make Boston more colorful. The art can make the community nostalgic depending on what it is. With Humphreys, Boston feels beautiful for the people who live near there.

Gillian Christy Preston presenting how to use the machine for students
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