Julianna Chase

Humphreys Street Studios, Uphams Corner

Humphreys Street Studios, located in Dorchester, MA, was founded in 2002 by Joseph Wheelwright and Gneal Widett. HSS started out as the Daloz Dry Cleaners. The HSS building went up for sale for 3.5 million, and it has a courtyard. The building has 26,000 square feet. Gillian has been working at Humphreys Street Studios since June 2013. She has a sculpture named Strand in a fancy hotel. The hotel is located in Cambridge, MA.    

One of the artists is Gillian Christy. She is a creative and talented artist. When she starts her designs, she draws them out on paper. She makes her changes on the paper. Once her paper drawing is finalized, she takes the metal with her bare hands. She puts it in a machine that bends the metal until it has smooth curves and shapes. She then puts the metal on the table. She uses a blowtorch and melts the metal together. Then, she takes additional metals and adds more and more to her sculpture. Gillian’s favorite sculpture was called Carnival. It had lots of different rides and circus features. She sells her sculptures by driving to art galleries and shows. She became an artist because she was inspired to bring joy to people with her sculptures. COVID-19 didn’t affect her making the sculptures, but she could not deliver them to her buyers when everything was shut down.

This local business is important to the community because they do art, sculpting, and more. This community is important to other people to make them happy and inspired to do the things they do. Gillian Christy inspires me because of how she used the blowtorch without burning herself.

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