Lucia Kirkland

Pho Hoa, Fields Corner

Pho Hoa was founded in 1992 and is located in Dorchester. It has been helpful to the community. It serves chicken and rice, beef pho, and many more foods. It’s a highlight in the community, where people can come and relax and enjoy their food and their culture and try new foods. Pho Hoa was a beautiful place. The food was delicious and the decor was also nice, and it had a lot of sunlight. The original owner, Thanh Li, is the father of the current owner, Tam Le, and Thanh Li is the one who started the family business.

In 2013 Tam Le opened Pho Linh. It has dine in and take out. It is Tam’s second business that he opened and owns. Tam Le also opened Reign Drink Lab in 2016 right behind Pho Hoa. It is connected to Pho Hoa. In 2020 Tam opened Chashu Ramen and Izakaya.

Pho Hoa is a place where people can come and enjoy their culture and hang out. Tam put his time and work into turning Pho Hoa into a place where people can come and try new foods. It’s a highlight in the community where people can come and have lunch. For instance, say you need somewhere to catch up with a friend – Pho Hoa is the place.

Fields Corner mural across Pho Hoa
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