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Humphreys Street Studios, Uphams Corner

Andy Good

This is Andy Good – he owns a blacksmith shop on Humphreys Street.
He was born in New York City and is currently 75 years old.
He was a lawyer, but when he retired his wife advised him to find something else to do, so he began attending blacksmith classes at night while he was still a lawyer. It was tiring for him and there were times when he did not attend classes, but after a while he finished the classes, and now he has his blacksmith shop on Humphreys Street.

Andy Good worked as a lawyer in Boston for 45 years. Five years ago, Andy stopped being a lawyer and entered more into the world of blacksmithing.

Because you can see that he is a man who, although he is retired from his work as a lawyer, is looking for another job to continue working and inspire others. This is because Andy Good is a man who has already spent most of his life and retired, but still this man kept working. Being a blacksmith is special because of the person that Andy is as a worker and the environment in which he works because he is surrounded by people with many different cultures.

Andy Good's studio
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